Global Invitational LAN Qualifier

von | 10.Jun 2018 | Allgemein, Top News

During April, PENTA sports decided to venture into PUBG yet again and acquired a German team.

After a string of strong online results, the team has qualified for the GLOBAL Invitational LAN Qualifier, which will be hosted in Leicester by the end of June.

In order to get a better insight into the team and to see how the preparation is going, we decided to talk with the team captain – CupofMagic.

Without further ado, here is the interview.

PENTA Sports:  “Could you tell us how long you have been playing as a team and what are your exact roles within the team?”

“I feel like in PUBG it is a lot about team synergy.”

Jens “CupofMagic” Hostermann, Pubg Team:

In our team, it’s not like we have one Shot-Caller. We have our main voice (Braexco) who does the final decisions but everyone gives an input and suggest different strategies throughout the game.

Best case scenario is that we have him leading the push. UdryMayFire and I are right behind him taking different angels or taking a flanking position to surprise the enemy. In the back is CRonex who watches our flank and keeps our backs save. He also is our dedicated sniper and entry fragger and his job is to make enemies bleed out.

However, this is in a best-case scenario. A lot of the times you do a 2-2 split to hold a lot of ground or you lose a member on a rotation and each one of us must be able to play every role.

Last but not least is our substitute player – Hckerjack.

He is always ready to jump in and helps out with the analysis part in between games or afterwards in form of watching VODS.

PENTA Sports:  “Do you think a team consisting of only the same nationality is an advantage in PUBG, since a lot of teams have representatives from more than one nation?”

Jens “CupofMagic” Hostermann, Pubg Team:

I think it helps a lot to be able to speak your native language because in PUBG there is a lot of information which is extremely important and you need to give the information fast and precise.

The fact that we play sometimes some different games casually where we talk about random stuff helps us out as well.

PENTA Sports:  “Since you’ve joined PENTA Sports, you’ve managed to get a lot of high placings in the online cups, ending twice on the second place in Curse Trails (April and May) and now qualifying for the LAN Qualifiers of PUBG Global Invitational which features a prize pool of 100 000$.

In your opinion, what is the main reason why you have been so successful lately?”

Jens “CupofMagic” Hostermann, Pubg Team:

I feel like in PUBG it is a lot about team synergy.

Changing a player every month is not going to help your team to get better. It takes time and hard work to know how your teammates play.

We all trust in each other and are all capable of calling out a push or a rotation because in PUBG , it is all about the information you are getting from your teammates and having input from every player is really important.

“With Faze being dominant in all online and offline events I would say they are way ahead of all other teams.”

PENTA Sports:  “A lot of great teams will participate in the LAN Qualifiers for PUBG Global Invitational which will be held in Leicester (29th of June till 1st of July).

Who would you say is your hardest competition there?”

Jens “CupofMagic” Hostermann, Pubg Team:

When such a big open qualifier takes place, it’s possible to see upsets happening (Team Liquid and Tinderguld going out in round 3). However, Team Liquid did get invited there later on once one of the teams got disqualified.

Also, the new teams can make a name for themselves, which makes it interesting and also unpredictable.

With Faze being dominant in all online and offline events I would say they are way ahead of all other teams.

However, teams like Knights and Kinguin are not to be underestimated as well.

PENTA Sports:  “Would you consider anything then a top 3 finish in the overall ranking a failure for you and your team?”

Jens “CupofMagic” Hostermann, Pubg Team:

With placing 9th in Season 1 of GLL and 3rd in the PGL qualifier we missed 2 LAN´s by 1 placement.

So being able to go to Leicester is already big for us.

This is our very first competitive LAN as a team so we are a bit behind within experience than other teams but I strongly believe in us and I think we are capable of finishing in the top 3.

Back to the question, the only failure would be if we place 4th and miss it out again by one placement.

We are going to try to take the most out of everything and gather as much experience as we can!”

PENTA Sports:  “Before the event, you are going to boot camp at our training facility in Berlin (ELZ –  eSports Leistungszentrum).

How do you plan to prepare for the event once you are at the boot camp?”

Jens “CupofMagic” Hostermann, Pubg Team:

The most important thing for us is to meet everyone in person since we didn’t do that yet.

The second thing would be to work on our rotations step by step. We also had to play a lot of online leagues where there would be 20 teams playing, instead of 16, so now we have to get used to that.

This would make teams work with less space on the map, so rotations are the key.

We also have to minimize our mid-game mistakes and also try to keep everyone alive for the late game.”

PENTA Sports:  “Is there anything you wish to say to your fans?”

Jens “CupofMagic” Hostermann, Pubg Team:

Shoutout to everyone who watches our games and supports us within the twitch chat with emotes or joins us daily in our custom games. This is always a lot of fun!

And of course, we’d like to thank PENTA Sports & their sponsors who gave us this opportunity.

We are really glad for it.

We hope you enjoyed this detailed interview.

Make sure to tune in to the Global Invitation LAN qualifier and cheer for our team!”