Not so long ago, our Battalion team made some changes to their roster.

To understand what prompted the changes and to check what our team’s upcoming events are, we decided to talk with Synde, who is the team captain within the team.

Here is the interview!

PENTA Sports:  „Hey there Synde, can you please tell us your current team’s lineup and the roles of the each player within the lineup?“

„We certainly had our share of roster changes after the slightly disappointing 3rd place at i62 UK Masters LAN“

Jani „Synde“ Koskinen, Captain Battalion 1944 Team:

Our new lineup is a mix of old Avenue and PENTA lineups. Me and rEplan teamed up with Mark, cozje and Stylez.

Our lineup is quite versatile and can switch between different roles if needed but mostly Mark does the tactical decisions while playing rifles. Stylez plays the rifles with a little bit of focus on supporting other team members as well. rEplan is our scope player and you can often see him pulling out the craziest of plays and opening up the rounds. 

Cozje on the other hand is the guy who likes to get close and thus plays quite a lot of SMG. He’s that guy who lurks behind creating pressure or opening certain tight areas of the map. I have recently changed roles and turned into a full-time support player.“

PENTA Sports:  „Not so long ago you have changed players in the roster. What was the issue with the previous iteration of the team?“

Jani „Synde“ Koskinen, Captain Battalion 1944 Team: 

We certainly had our share of roster changes after the slightly disappointing 3rd place at i62 UK Masters LAN.

Mostly the issues were related to clashing roles and different mindsets.

With the new lineup, we feel like having a better grasp on those things and the general atmosphere feels better.
I hope all of our previous players will pursue Battalion further and find a suitable team as they all have what it takes to be at the top of this scene.“

PENTA Sports:  „Gallantry Summer event is up on the horizon and you will be playing there. How are the preparations going for the team and who do you think is going to be our hardest opponent there?“

Jani „Synde“ Koskinen, Captain Battalion 1944 Team:

Our preparations have started quite slowly.

We’ve been rather busy with real life commitments and the rest of the time has been used mostly on the high amount of official matches Battalion has offered recently.  

We’ve had some good and some bad games but we are still looking for the playstyle that suits us and the game best. I believe we are currently heading towards the right direction.

Gallantry LAN has multiple very high-level teams and any one of those could win.

I would mention at least ACIASS, Comrade Gaming and team Demise due to their high skill and effective playstyles.

Many of their players have lots of LAN experience as well which comes in handy.

1UP should be a though opponent as well but we haven’tbeen able to play against them yet. Team Legit should do really well too if they show up and their young stars don’t crumble under the LAN pressure like we’ve seen it happening to some people before. 6G has been getting better recently as well.

The upcoming Major update 2 being released close to the LAN will mix this up and I believe there will be several possible upsets. The new economy, map, and multiple map changes will force teams to practice hard and find the new meta. Teams that can’t adapt to this will fall short at the LAN event as well.“

„We will heavily focus on the upcoming major update 2 changes.“

PENTA Sports:  „What are you main objectives in the upcoming period as a team?“

Jani „Synde“ Koskinen, Captain Battalion 1944 Team: 

Since we are still quite a fresh lineup we are still looking for our playstyle and trying to sort out the rest of the map pool.

We will heavily focus on the upcoming major update 2 changes.
Our goal for the Gallantry July LAN in Budapest is obviously to win and qualify for the upcoming Major tournament but that won’t come easily.

If we can’t grab the win at LAN we will be aiming to qualify for the major through the European qualifiers. Other than that there’s going to be a new Gallantry Pro League starting shortly after the Budapest LAN which we hopefully will take part in.


All this leads up to the Blitzkrieg Masters major tournament in Amsterdam at the end of September where we will hopefully fight for the top positions.“

PENTA Sports:  „Battalion 1944 as a game is a looking a lot like a Call of Duty. Since you’ve played both of them at high level, what do you think is the main difference between these games?“

Jani „Synde“ Koskinen, Captain Battalion 1944 Team:

The gunplay and maps certainly are very different from COD4 Promod.

Battalion has a wider variety of weapons that are much more situational compared to COD4 Promod’s 3 guns that were typically used. Also, the one-shot-one-kill weapons tend to be very powerful and punishing.

The maps feel a little bit smaller with tight chokepoints causing the requirement of more teamwork, proper executes and high amount of rotations while COD4 had more room for solo plays.

I’m eager to see how the new Savoia map plays out since they claim it should be more open, maybe more COD4 stylish map?

In addition, the movement feels a little bit more sluggish and not as smooth as someone with Call of Duty background might hope. Regardless it still offers a variety of tricks and mastering the movement in Battalion gives you an edge over others as well.

Bulkhead has recently released multiple news posts regarding the Major Update 2 content and I have to say almost all of the changes seem to be going to the right direction and they seem to have worked heavily on the feedback of the community.

I am particularly interested in the new economy system and how the new map plays out. Also hoping that the update can attract more players with the incentive the new BattleRank system has to offer.

PENTA Sports:  „Is there anything you wish to say to the fans?“

Jani „Synde“ Koskinen, Captain Battalion 1944 Team:

Keep fragging and don’t give up on the game yet!

It is certainly going in the right direction and together we can keep going higher.

If you are yet to try out the game I would truly suggest getting into it after the Major Update 2 hits the live servers in July. See you at LAN!

We are sure that with the right amount of time, the team will be able to become the very best.

Gallantry Summer is our next event.

Get ready!

Battalion 1944


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