Berlin – March 30, 2017 – PENTA Sports have lately been actively searching for transatlantic business contacts and advisory. During that period PENTA Sports met Stephen A. Crystal who impressed all of the current shareholders in PENTA Sports with his expertise and openness about the gaming sector. Stephen A. Crystal has been an innovative, creative and strategic advisor for a lot of companies in different branches over the last 25 years. His investment into Denial eSports has shown his passion about the growing esports market. PENTA Sports is proud to integrate Mr. Crystal into the European esports market and to have the ability to rely on his personal advices as well as his network.




Statement from Stephan A. Crystal: “Rarely have I seen the level of energy and commitment to the growth and success in eSports worldwide than I have seen with owners and team members of PENTA Sports. It is inspiring. And it is a major factor in my decision to join PENTA as a Co-Owner and Shareholder. The joining of forces between Europe and USA perspectives can only strengthen the foundation of what is already a major force in eSports in PENTA. They have a created a culture which is nurturing to professional players on its teams and engaging to IRS growing fan base. I am excited to play a small part in making a great organization even greater. Thank you to the other Co-Owners for this opportunity.”


PENTA Sports sticks to its own innovative style of always being a pioneer in terms of media productions, merchandising as well as esports talent schools within the ELZ. Stephen A. Crystal “shares this energy and devotion, he understands our views and together we will continue our path we have started”, Andreas Schaetzke, CMO of PENTA Sports said. After the acquisition of the Greek organization Ad Finem Esports this is the second long term partnership outside of the German borders.

Hendrik Goetzendorff, CCO of PENTA Sports states: “Having a lot of big announcements lately with the ELZ and the acquisition of Ad Finem, this is a very special one for us. For the first time PENTA Sports is going to have a shareholder from the US.” The North American esports sector is still a bit ahead of the European and this connection will be used to bring even more innovation to the European and German esports markets. “Today we are opening a new chapter and I am pleased to present Stephen A. Crystal as Co-Owner/Shareholder in PENTA Sports – welcome on board Stephen!” Andreas Schaetzke, CMO.


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