PUBG PEL – Interview with Caint

von 10.Dez 2018Allgemein

Our PUBG team has been on a roll recently!

After winning ESWC Omen trophy and achieving some great results online, it’s time for us to play the biggest LAN qualifier so far – Starladder PUBG Europe League which features a prize pool of 1,000,000$.

To see what’s been going on with the team lately, we talked with Caint. Enjoy!



Recently, “Itzz_ChriszZ” joined the team. What do you think he brings to the table compared to the other players that were trying out for the team?

In my opinion, Chris is one if not the best fragger in Germany. That is exactly the role for him in the team that we and he were searching for. He is a very friendly young guy who is bringing good vibes and synergy in the team.


Can you tell us the exact roles of each player since the lineup got reformed?

We are basically all Flex-Players. We don’t really have a „Sniper“ or a „Scouter“. Everyone from us is able to adapt to any role. Braexco is mainly our shot caller/ in-game leader.


Not so long ago, the team secured the first place at ESWC Omen Trophy 2018, winning 20000 euros along the way. Does this come as surprise for you and did you expect us to perform on such a high level?

Not going to lie, I kind of expected a top 3 finish for us at least. Everything else would be a shame in my eyes. We knew there were a lot of teams, that don’t have that much competitive PUBG experience/knowledge as us or as another top team. Nevertheless, we had respect for every participating team, no matter which team or situation it was, we didn’t underestimate any of our opponents.

The event itself featured a lot of strong teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Reciprocity and Team Vitality along other names. Do you feel like winning an event in this dominating way is something we needed in order to perform in the upcoming events?

For sure. Winning our first LAN with our newest addition is making us even more confident for the upcoming events. I’m really hyped for the future with our team.


You are in Kiev right now in order to participate at the LAN qualifiers for Starladder Europe league which features a 1 million dollar prize pool. How did the preparations go for this event?

Our preparations went very well. We are working hard to become one of the best teams in the scene, which means that we take every training/scrim that is possible, to achieve that goal.


Who do you consider as the toughest opponent there?

A lot of the participating teams formed a new roster not so long ago. I can’t really tell who is a “good” or a “bad” team. Experience/Knowledge wise I would say TSM and Team Reciprocity are on a high level.


You are also taking part in the ESL Meisterschaft Winter Season. Is it safe to say that we’re the heavy favorites there?

In my opinion, we are the best German team without a doubt. We have four very experienced players that have a really good aim, which makes us very strong. Without being disrespectful, there are for sure some talented German teams out there, but I just miss the consistency in those teams at the moment.


Anything you wish to say to the PENTA followers?

I just want to thank all the people who are supporting us in the chat in every tournament we play. You guys are insane! #vamosPENTA 


We wish our team best of luck in Kiev! Make sure to watch the Starladder PUBG Europe League qualifiers and support our team!