Interview with Rainbow-Six Team Captain Panix

von 20.Sep 2018Allgemein

Interview with RainbowSix Siege Team Captain Panix

A little bit more than a week ago, we’ve announced our new Rainbow 6 team.

Now, we’ve finally managed to ask the team captain „Panix“ a couple of questions. In the interview, we talk about them joining PENTA Sports and the goals they have set for the future among other things.



You’ve just joined PENTA Sports last week. Do you feel any pressure to perform now that you are here, considering the legacy the previous lineup managed to create?

No. It was a different lineup and G2 definitely brought some high records here. If we want to beat their legacy, it would take at least a year. We’re here to do something different and to make the fans enjoy following our story.

Before you were playing for Mock-it Esports together with RevaN and Enemy. What would you say was the issue with the previous lineup that made you change the players before joining PENTA Sports?

Consistency. We could bring high-level games, almost kicking out big teams, while we would fall off against underdog teams. The reason was not our tactics or skill, but how we would approach the game and the comms, which would change from a match up to another.


Now, you’re playing with both SirBoss and Hungry. In your opinion, what do they bring up to the game that you didn’t have before?

„Hungry“ helps us to never run out of ideas. He helps to bring consistency and structure to our team. „SirBoss“ is a fragger which is able to frag with any operator we need him on, which is way better to take counter picks, adapt or simply have a large panel of tactics.

Already in the first official match in the ESL Rainbow 6 Pro League, you managed to win quite comfortably against Supremacy. Did you expect it to go this well and can you walk us through the match?

Due to not playing together for a long time as a team, starting on the attacking side put as into a disadvantage. Individual decisions and skill level of the players made the difference and brought us two attacking rounds. On the other hand, the defense was a completely different story. We played almost perfect there.

In the next two weeks, we’re set to play Chaos and Mock-it Esports. What match do you expect to be a tougher one and why?

It’s probably going to be Chaos since they are confident after beating us last time. But we have two new recruits since then and the map pool is better for us now. Mock-it Esports, on the other hand, will most likely be eager to beat their ex-teammates and the old lineup of the organization, but they lack the time to practice, same as we do. Definitely two opponents which we shouldn’t underestimate.

Now, the team will be living together in Berlin. Do you think is something that is going to allow you to progress faster as a team?

Yes, for sure! Being altogether most of the time (Enemy staying in France) will help for team building and also allows us to talk about the game way easier. We’ll be able to build up tactics way faster and to watch VODS more efficiently. Also, problems can be solved way easier when you’re all physically there. We are really happy about this opportunity that PENTA gave us.

At the beginning of October, you are heading to Milan for an event. Do you feel like you will have enough of preparation and how do you expect it to go?

We are set to boot camp before and by that time, we will be playing together for around a month already.Since we’re working a lot and the boot camp helps for a better and faster preparation, we’re most likely going to be ready.There are going to be good teams, but we’ll avoid the two best teams in European Pro League right now since they’re international.On paper at least, we should be the best team so we’re planning to play there with confidence and at the same time, we’re going to respect the opponent’s talent. Most likely, the teams will be aiming to take us down.

What would you say are the goals for the next 6 months?

Build a stable roster and become at least Top 4 in the European Pro League. We’re also aiming to qualify for Six Invitational 2019. Winning the MGW or a French LAN on the way would be also great.


The team is set to attend „Milan Games Week“ in October, which is scheduled to start on 5th of October.

We wish them the best of luck and we hope that you will support us in Twitch chat!