Berlin – March 09, 2017 – PENTA Sports announced their final CS:GO lineup for 2017. The team consists on an international basis and will communicate in English from now on. After a while of testing, Pawel ‘innocent’ Mocek from Poland and Kevin ‘HS’ Tarn from Estonia signed their contracts during the last week. Finnish player Jesse ‘zehN’ Linjala joined the team at the beginning of this week. This also means PENTA Sports will part ways with Stefan ‘stfN’ Seier who could not manage to play CSGO fulltime.


PENTA Lineup:

  • Kevin ‘kRYSTAL’ Amend (Germany)
  • Miikka ‘suNny’ Kemppi (Finnland)
  • Pawel ‘innocent’ Mocek (Poland)
  • Kevin ‘HS’ Tarn (Estonia)
  • Jesse ‘zehN’ Linjala (Finnland)



„It is a long time ago since PENTA Sports had a full five players lineup. We are sorry for all our fans who had to wait a lot for this new lineup. After some time of testing we have built the best possible lineup for 2017. Sadly we have to part ways with stfN because he cannot take the opportunity to play CSGO fulltime. We want to thank stfN for his effort over the last months and wish him all the best for his future. With innocent, hs and zehN we have not only picked up three very skilled players, we are also sure about having the right fit in our team. We are looking forward to a great future with the team and will try to support our players in the best possible way.“ – PENTA Management

“After a long time of searching a proper team for me, I am happy to join PENTA. What convinced me the most is the work ethic of the players and their serious approach towards the game, and how things are organised within PENTA. Finally I will be able to fulfil a role that I am comfortable with and hopefully I will use this opportunity to shine again.” – Pawel ‘innocent’ Mocek

“I’m happy to say that I will be getting the chance to play for PENTA. Ever since leaving Rogue I’ve been waiting to play for another international lineup. This lineup is exactly what I wanted, I trust in my new teammates and it feels really good to play together and I feel like we have a bright future ahead. I’m going to give my very best and make sure that this opportunity is not wasted.” – Kevin ‘HS’ Tarn

“At the start I was a bit surprised that suNny from PENTA asked me to play in the ECS qualifiers, and after a good run I felt really good playing against good teams again. A few weeks later I got contacted from PENTA Sports and asked if I wanted to join the new lineup. It made me really happy and pushed my motivation to get such a great opportunity which only very few players from Finland have gotten before. I promise to work hard on myself to become the best I can be with the help of my new awesome teammates!” – Jesse ‘zehN’ Linjala