PENTA Sports and Announce Partnership

Berlin, 05. December 2016 – Today, PENTA Sports announced a major partnership with to provide eSports performance nutrition products to their professional team. Runtime is the world’s first eSports performance nutrition brand and has spent years perfecting their first product, “Buff Food” Meal Replacement. „Buff Food“ is a tasty vanilla-cinnamon powder that players mix with milk and/or water to replace their breakfast, or lack thereof.


Runtime guarantees that „Buff Food“ contains all the protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals a player needs to stay healthy and focus properly on their game. Runtime’s CEO, Roman Frank, had this to say about the partnership: “Quite frankly, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw that pro players were eating PIZZA before their biggest matches. Pizza and fast food might taste good… but it does not have the nutrients that gamers need to boost their brains to 100%. That’s why we invented Runtime, the first performance nutrition brand for eSports. At Runtime we know that gamers play better if they eat better. We are very excited to be working with PENTA Sports, whose professional attitude and elite performance fully embodies the Runtime brand. We are happy to provide their players with our „Buff Food“ so that PENTA can focus on what they do best – dominate in CS:GO!“

PENTA Sports CEO, Andreas Schaetzke, adds: “eSports is having a rapid development lately. We feel how quick things can change daily through our partners, cooperations and teams as well as players. Now it is time for a new, important and sustainable chapter with ‘As in other sport disciplines physical and mental performance is the key to success ‘ said Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse from the German Sport University Cologne. That is why we want to work along with runtime on the performance of our players. First tests were promising and we are looking forward to the topic of nutrition at PENTA Sports. As the first german eSports brand we will join this new topic and try to bring eSports to its next level.”

For Runtime, the partnership with PENTA is just the beginning. The eSports startup has plans to soon release a functional energy drink for gamers, a tasty protein cookie, and ultimately open up a whole range of easy-to-use nutritional products for eSport athletes.

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