PENTA Sports welcomes Dr. Andreas Jens

PENTA Sports is excited to announce that Dr. Andreas Jens from von appen | jens legal will be joining our advisor board. With this step, PENTA sports will be able to set new standards in all legal aspects regarding esports. We are looking forward to work with Dr. Jens and being able to rely on his valuable knowledge and insights to create better guidelines and structures for the daily operations at PENTA Sports.

Dr. Andreas Jens, co-founder of von appen | jens legal, is known as one of the major experts on all legal aspects of esport. von appen | jens legal is one of the leading German sports law firms with clients from the entire sports ecosystem. At PENTA Sports, von appen | jens legal is responsible for the legal sector including player contracts, transfers, sponsorships, licensing /IP, data etc. Statement Dr. Andreas Jens: “PENTA Sports is one of the Major stakeholders in German esports and we are delighted to bring our expertise and network which has been gained in more than 25 years in the sports business.”

Statement Manuel Mahlich, CEO at PENTA Sports: “With Dr. Andreas Jens we add another leading expert to our expanding board of advisors. I’m very happy that he is by no means a stranger to esport, meaning he knows the little quirks and subtleties that are inherent in this industry, while we work to create a better legal environment for everybody at PENTA Sports and in esport in general.”

Die rote Couch – Das Sportpsychologie Barcamp

facebooktwitter 25.11.2017 in Berlin - Ein neues Veranstaltungsformat soll die Sportpsychologie auf innovative Art und Weise mit Sportlern, Trainern, Funktionären sowie mit Experten und Interessierten verbinden. “Die rote Couch - Das Sportpsychologie Barcamp” heißt...

PENTA Sports begrüßt Prof. Dr. Thomas Blank als Advisor

PENTA Sports freut sich, Prof. Dr. Thomas Blank als Advisor in Angelegenheiten zum Steuerrecht, Investitionen & Finanzierungen vorstellen zu können. Der eSport-Club kann schon jetzt auf mehrere Jahre der erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit mit Herrn Prof. Dr. Blank... sponsert PENTA Sports

Berlin – 12. Juli, 2017 – der Computer-Shop steigt bei PENTA Sports als Headsponsor ein und legt damit das Fundament für anhaltenden sportlichen Erfolg bei PENTA. High-End Gaming PC-Systeme und Gaming Notebooks gehören zum eSport wie der Ball zum Fußball. Sie...

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