Berlin – January 31, 2017 – PENTA Sports joins the Defense of the Ancients (DotA2). The German based organisation takes its first step into Valve´s RTS game by hiringa top CIS DotA2 team called Team question mark.


PENTA Lineup:

  • Vladislav Igorevich „Gedrox“ Kozak
  • Shulgin Andrey “KaHT” Aleksandrovich
  • Radoslav “Radek” Tondrik
  • Sidorov Alexander “S1D” Evgenievich
  • Polyukh Dmitry “Secret” Nikolaevich
  • Vladimir Sergeivich „WhitePipo“ Udovichenko (Coach/Manger)



“Many people might not know that PENTA Sports has a lot of different divisions except from CS:GO. Anyhow DotA2 was not part of our portfolio so far. With the recruitment of Team question mark we want to give young players from the CIS region a chance to develop inside a professional eSports organization to generate their own story while gaining success” – Hendrik Goetzendorff, CCO of PENTA Sports.

“We are very pleased that our team starts a cooperation with PENTA Sports. Now we do not need to think about any financial problems and the team can focus on its own game. I am sure that we are waiting for a mass of wins and good emotions this year” – Vladimir Sergeivich „WhitePipo“ Udovichenko, Coach and Team-Manager of Team question mark.

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