Berlin – April 25, 2017 – The PENTA Sports Dota 2 squad gets its first exclusive sponsor with the Stake-to-Play platform EPULZE. EPULZE is one of the fastest growing Stake-to-Play platforms that guarantees its users a unique and safe playing experience. The PENTA Sports Dota 2 squad will take part in show matches played on the EPULZE platform every month. The show matches will be streamed by SaphiraTV live on Twitch.

Markus Lövgren from EPULZE states: “During our visit to Penta Sports newly opened esports center in Berlin we were blown away by the level of commitment and professionalism we saw from everyone involved in the organisation.” With the #ELZ in Berlin PENTA brought eSports in Germany to the next level. Lövgren adds that this is „a vision we at EPULZE are happy to share.“


Ex-ADFINEM and EPULZE in chat at the #ELZ opening in April


This is also the first new cooperation for PENTA Sports signed by their new managers from ex-ADFINEM, Alex Mavroudis and Nikos Fotinakis. “I want to special thanks Epulze´s management for supporting us and wish them the best to their innovating platform” says Alex Mavroudis – Marketing Director at PENTA.


The PENTA Sports Dota 2 squad is still a very young team but has already had a lot of success in their short period of existing. Markus Lövgren is “happy and proud to have PENTA Sports representing the Epulze brand” and hopes “to be able to contribute their rise to the top.”

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